Heavenly Reality Checks Book

Heavenly Reality Checks was written to help you experience and walk daily in the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven. You were born for such! God has a prepaid supernatural and abundant life for you, full of secrets and mysteries waiting to be revealed! Because of your inheritance in Christ, awaiting inside are revelations such as: your worth as God’s child, His glory that shines in you, and how to use the sword of the Spirit. Knowing your identity in Christ is key to living in His overflow, so the eighth chapter, “You Don’t Live There Anymore,” overflows with Scripture. His truth gives blessed assurance.

Not only do heavenly encashments help prevent hellish entrapments, they equip you to enjoy an overcoming and supernatural lifestyle. Are you hungry to see His kingdom revealed through you in greater measure? Invest in your future by cashing these heavenly reality checks today!

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Embracing Motherhood


God designed motherhood.  It was His plan from the beginning.  When women take their places as mothers, they bring Him glory.  Walking in motherhood can bring great fulfilment to the mother, especially when viewed through an eternal perspective. 

Being a “mother” is simply holding someone in your heart, which is something EVERY woman was wired to do.  In Embracing Motherhood, Jill Hill shares biblical insights, as well as discoveries she has made in her own journey into finally seeing motherhood as a significant call on her life.  In these pages, discover the revelation that motherhood is part of your identity as a child of God.  Explore the lives of women who mothered champions, as well as entire nations.  As God’s truth is revealed, grasp the immense destiny that the Lord has bequeathed to you!  As a mother, you are impacting eternity!

For sowing a seed of $10 or more, we would be blessed to send you a copy. Please email us your address at steveandjillhill@me.com and Embracing Motherhood will come your way. Lord bless!